My training on marketing with new technologies focuses on freely available tools which you can use when you get back to your desk, rather than out-of-reach technologies which don't currently have a use or an audience.

This is the second-most requested training I do after the Presentation Skills sessions. Organisations for whom I've run training on marketing with new technologies include the UKeIG, the Academic Libraries Research Group, the NHS, the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), PiCS in New Zealand, University of Newcastle and Health Libraries North.

The Digital Marketing Toolkit (full day workshop)

This hands-on workshops constantly evolves. The presentation materials cover more platforms and ideas than there is time for on the day - the idea being  that the delagates choose the most pertinent themes to explore in the session, and the others are there to be perused later. Tools and concepts covered include marketing with video, online publishing platforms, augmented reality, mobile and apps, and geolocational platforms.

Other versions of this workshop: There is also a half-day version of this workshop, and a more social-media heavy version if appropriate.

“This has been a fantastic course - I have learnt so much and gained more confidence around a number of digital marketing tools and how to use them effectively. Ned’s knowledge and brilliant presentation style is great and kept me hooked for the whole day. Everything has been amazing”

”A fantastic training session - incredibly useful - thank you”

”Absolutely brilliant. Interesting, relevant, useful.”

”Excellent - very informative course.”

”Far beyond my expectations. Unlike most other courses, it held my attention to the end.”

”Spot on.”

”This was excellent overall - lots of useful things for me to take back - thank you Ned!”
— UKeIG, December 2014
“Ned is an expert presenter whom I would recommend to any colleagues with an interest in this topic.”

”Ned is a fantastic presenter and has clear knowledge on the subjects”

”I really enjoyed this event and have learnt loads. What an excellent speaker Ned Potter was!”

”Engaging throughout and excellent links and activities”

”Loads of good examples and ideas to go away with.”

”The practical exercises were great and I really enjoyed hearing about the experiences of other attendees - very inspiring! I also liked the use of video / website examples”

”The presentation was so good!”
— Academic & Research Libraries Group, 2013
“Your presentation was very inspiring – I like the fact that a lot of this stuff is relatively straightforward to set up and the benefits are easy to sell to colleagues.”

”A fabulous presentation”

”Ned really puts together a cracking presentation and always manages to cover a lot of content and ground without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.”
— ARLG, 2012
“Really relevant and useful, felt like the presenter had knowledge really useful to Bodleian Libraries.”

”Very knowledgeable presenter with a good and clear presenting style. Went at a good pace. Very helpful to have slides provided online afterwards.”

”A really good course and very valuable to my work”
— Bodleian Libraries, 2011
“Really useful, great delivery. Thanks!”

”Brilliant workshop, well done!”

”Perfect; taught me more about things I was using and also some new”

”Hugely useful”
— UKeIG, 2012

Feedback from previous marketing with new
technologies training

“Fantastic day again with Ned Potter. Lots of ideas, really knows his stuff. Really helps you choose what will work best for your library.”

”All of it was useful – it was excellent and lots of useful tips”

”Really practical and interesting.”

”Great course - thanks. More of the same please.”
— ALNTC, Dublin 2016
“I’ll be bringing loads of new things back to teach others. I’m bursting with ideas. Great content, all legitimately relevant. Lots of good tips. I agree that everything Ned taught us can be used immediately as opposed to just talking about future trends like a lot of presenters do. Super practical!!”

”Very good - really liked the slide presentation! Well structured, just the right amount of detail. Really liked the emphasis on trying out the tools.”

”Really enjoyed the day. All very useful and interesting. Presentation very good - good mixture of information provided, practical exercises, chance to talk with people from around the country, etc.”

”Terrific. Best use of Prezi I’ve seen - and the first that didn’t make me sick! Enjoyed mix of activities, demos, sharing etc.”

”Very interesting and helpful - relevant to where we are at. Easy to follow - examples and hands on a very good way to learn.”

”Excellent, inspiring, highly relevant, informational, truly helpful for my work!”
— PiCS, Wellington New Zealand, 2015
“Fantastic! The hands-on exercises were useful - not only did they help the learning to sink in but they encouraged us to think about real workplace-based ways in which tools could be used. The content was all very relevant because you had investigated what we already do/use. It all felt new and exciting.”

”Excellent. Well thought out. Ned is very engaging and obviously thoroughly prepared. I learned a lot”

”Really good, enough talking and demonstrating then having a go yourself. Presenter had obviously done research about what we use and what is missing which we might want to investigate.”

”Very good, pertinent and helpful”
— Newcastle University, 2015
“Very up to date - thanks - very useful, practical and relevant course - I’m brimming with ideas”

”I really enjyed the day, opened my eyes to lots of new tools and made me realise that digital marketing doesn’t have to be Facebook”

”Brilliant - very informative”

”Just the right amount of interaction. Very engaging. I learned so much!”
— UKeIG, 2015
“The most interesting and enaging webinar I have ever been on. Considering it was 2.5-3 hours long it seemed to fly by. It’s given me lots of inspiration on how we can creatively engage with our users, especially the remote ones”

”All of it was very useful and interesting. Excellent.”

”So much of it was useful... really easy tools to use and could results in some quick wins for us. Tips on blogging were useful too and hopefully will inspire us to actually start one. Augmented reality bit was fascinating - lots of potential there”

”Wide range of useful applications given with practical tips on how to use them. Time flew by and was really productive.”
— Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust [Online Training], 2015
“Excellent speaker, friendly, knowledgeable”

”Excellent - really enjoyed it”

”I really enjoyed this session and lots of useful stuff to take away”

”Very good delivery”
— UKeIG, March 2014
“Excellent speaker and very relevant topics”

“Will be trying out many of the suggestions, very relevant”

“Definitely likely to try Prezi... seriously considering a library blog”

“A very good day – got much more out of it than I’d anticipated””
— Health Libraries North, 2013
“Felt that it was a very valuable course to attend and that I learned a huge amount”

”Excellent course with plenty of hands-on time and very up to date content. Would certainly recommend.”

”Good coverage of the subject - learned a lot”
— UKeIG, 2013