I work for 9 days out of 10 as an Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of York and 1 day in 10 as a trainer in library marketing, and presentation skills, for various organisations including the Bodleian Libraries, the british library, and ukeig.

The thing I'm really interested in is communication, both online and face to face. All my work revolves around that in some way. There are short and long bios below. Feel free to get in touch via email.

The main place to find me online is Twitter; I'm also sporadically on YouTube, reluctantly on LinkedIn, and frequently on Slideshare. I have several presentations on Prezi, some images on Flickr, and some curated tweets on Storify.


By night I am a drummer. There's actually a secret area of this website devoted to drums, which isn't listed in the navigation bar. It's not for the feint-hearted. It's REALLY geeky and drummery... But if you're interested, click the pic above to be taken there. (You've been warned.)

Short Bio

Ned Potter is an Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of York, and a Trainer for various organisations including the Bodleian and the British Library. His book The Library Marketing Toolkit was published by Facet in 2012. Ned can be found online at ned-potter.com and on Twitter at @ned_potter.

Long Bio

Ned Potter is an Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of York. Previously he worked at the University of Leeds, as Digitisation Coordinator, and on the JISC funded LIFESHARE Project.  He has a BA in Philosophy / English and an MA in Music, both from York, and an MSc in Information & Library Management, from Northumbria.

Ned has been involved in several projects around librarianship: In 2010 he founded LISNPN, a network for New Professionals in Librarianship which grew to over 2000 members from more than 60 countries around the world. In 2011 he collaborated with three other librarians to set up the Buy India a Library project, which in just two weeks crowd-sourced funds enough to build a permanent library in one of the poorest parts of India, as well as four mobile libraries to travel around Africa. Later that year he was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker and a winner of a Special Libraries Association Early Career Conference Award.

Ned authored the Library Marketing Toolkit, published by Facet Publishing / Neal Schuman in 2012. It has been Number One in the Amazon Library charts on both sides of the Atlantic. He has also contributed to several other books, including Ben Bizzle's Start a revolution: stop acting like a library, and written a marketing column for Library Journal.

In 2012 Ned became a trainer for the British Library and the UK Electronic Information Group (UKeIG), and has provided marketing expertise for diverse organisations such as the Bodleian Libraries and the Latvian Ministry of Culture. In 2013 he was invited to Africa for the first time to present at the annual LIASA Conference and has since keynoted in New Zealand and run training in Australia.

Ned can be found online at ned-potter.com and on Twitter at @ned_potter.


Most of the images used in the design for this site are Creative Commons Zero sourced from sites like Pexels and Pixabay. Photos used in individual blog posts are either CC0 or credited there. The drum pics are my own, as is the photo on this page, taken in Cape Town. 

Some images have been used by permission - on the Events page the image of me presenting at the LIANZA conference in Wellington was taken by Constance Wiebrands. The amazing sketchnote on the Past Talks page, also from that same conference, was both created and photograhed by Lee Rowe. Thanks to both of them for letting me use their pics!