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Social Media: full-day workshop for LIEM

My annual workshop for Libraries and Information East Midlands is on better social media for libraries. Taking place at Leicester’s Public Library.

You can see detailed info and the application form a little way down on LIEM’s events page. Some feedback from previous versions of this course:

“Fantastic! The hands-on exercises were useful -not only did they help the learning to sink in but they encouraged us to think about real workplace-based ways in which tools could be used. The content was all very relevant because you had investigated what we already do/use. It all felt new and exciting.“

“Pitched at the perfect level, great content, level just right, plenty of time to try out, perfectly paced, engaging speaker, easy to follow presentation”

"Lots of useful information presented in a fun and clear away. I came away with my head buzzing with ideas for things I wanted to do, learn more about, or information I wanted to pass on to colleagues."

"Excellent! Engaging, informative and full of useful hints and tips. Ned is a relaxed and personable presenter who really knows his stuff. A thoroughly enjoyable day from start to finish."

”I really enjoyed the day, opened my eyes to lots of new tools and made me realise that digital marketing doesn’t have to be Facebook”