why libraries need to be more like BP and the Carphone Warehouse...

Yeah! Good title, eh? I'm really sorry to just point you all towards a link, but I've written an essay for the LISNews Library Essay Contest, and one of the conditions of entry is that the text isn't available elsewhere so I can't recreate it fully here. But you can read it here via the LISNews site, and as I've said before I love the interaction of blog comments so do let me know what you think, either there or here.

In summary, the essay says two things, both of which are mildly provocative: firstly that we in libraries should just go quietly if we can no longer meet any needs, and secondly that in our attempts to make sure that never happens and we do continue to meet (ever-shifting) needs we should be more like the major Oil companies... Here's what it would look like if you made all the words different sizes according to how frequently they appear:

Created via Wordle.net. The word 'thing' seems worryingly prominent.

Anything with the words 'paradigm', 'Latin' and 'Carphone' in has got to be worth a read, surely? :)

- thewikiman