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Today I'm delivering a session at the New Professionals Conference. Links to pretty much everything I'm using or have referred to are here, on a delicious page set up specifically for the worskhop. If you don't want to browse through all that, here are the most important ones. Firstly there's the Blogging Workshop Workbook - click to download (.pdf)- a 5000 word booklet covering platforms, hosting, widgets, plug-ins, the anatomy of a blogging screen, the workshop exercises, and a load more on top of that. Feel free to download it if you think you might find it useful. If you don't want to download it, you can browse it here:

Secondly there's the presentation materials - here is the slide-deck I'm using:

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Midway through that, I also use a Prezi presentation. You can click the picture of the Prezi in the slide-deck to go directly to it, or you can view it below - I'd recommend full-screen, and to manually press the 'next' arrow after you've read each bit, rather than putting it on auto mode (you'll only end up being sick all over your monitor, and no one wants that).