Escaping the Echo Chamber - presentation

[deep film announcer voice] A Wiki Chaos production, from the people who brought you the Library Routes Project... [/deep film announcer voice] Today is the day Woodsiegirl and I present on the Echo Chamber, to a seminar at the CLILP Yorkshire & Humberside CDG AGM. The Prezi we will be using is below.

We both favour the ‘not just duplicating what’s on screen’ school of presenting, so there’s a lot of stuff we’ll be saying out loud which isn’t written down on the Prezi. I hope it’s still interesting anyway – have a look and tell us what you think.

What I’d really like to do is introduce an interactive, online element to this – our presentation is this afternoon. So if you have any comments, feedback, or particularly suggestions for how to escape the echo-chamber, we’d love to hear them. If you can leave comments on this blog, Woodsiegirl’s blog, or using the #echolib hash-tag on Twitter, by 3:10pm GMT, then we can feed them into the discussion (and hopefully actually update the Prezi in real-time with your thoughts, too. That might be stretching our powers of dexterity but hey, it’s good to aim high and there is two of us after all…). How ace would that be? Is possible, try and spread the word via Twitter and encourage people to join in.

As ever, this’ll work better in Full-Screen mode. Some of the bits it’ll zoom in on have quite a lot to read, so best to keep pressing the ‘Next’ arrow rather than letting it auto-lurch. Full screen is fairly essential too.

The initial top down view - it looks a bit like a chamber! Sort of? Yeah? So the title and the concept are in the middle, and the rest of the sections form like a kind of wall of the chamber around it - see what we did there? And successful escapes are beyond the wall, ZOMG! :) Well, I thought that was cool anyway...

This whole thing started way back with a couple of blog posts and tweets asking for input on the subject. Since then, an enormous amount of people have helped Laura and I with ideas, blog posts, tweets, suggestions and input of various kinds. Thank you! Featured in the presentation above in one form or another as a result of this, are the following luminaries of the Information Professional world (in no particular order):

A couple of those we just went out and grabbed their relevant posts or videos, but the majority submitted their input on our prompting so cheers very much everyone!