conference report

My SLA2011 Experience, in video form...

A while back I made a video about SLA 2011, the annual conference of the Special Libraries Association. I was lucky enough to win a place to attend this - I've been holding off putting the video on my blog until the Leadership and Management Division, who sponsored my award, had put it on theirs, as I made the video primarily for that. Anyway, here it is:

I made the video using good old fashioned Windows Movie Maker, and I've used the same techniques as in my Library Day in the Life vid to try and keep the viewer diverted! So it's not just me talking at the camera.

The whole SLA experience was so amazing, really I haven't even fully processed it. I keep going over my notes and spotting new things to go away and think about. If you're interested in some more reflections on the conference, I wrote a post on the SLA-Europe blog; I'd also recommend reading the reflections of my fellow ECCA winners, Sam Wiggins, Natalia Madjarevic, and Chris Cooper. And I would SO recommend applying for the ECCA next year!

I do have one over-arching conclusion from the conference, though. Which is... in my next post. :)

- thewikiman