converting strangers as to the value of libraries online

Library advocacy 2.0. Converting the Internet, one random stranger at a time

I decided to try some library advocacy of a new kind, today - I went to Omegle and took on some strangers. Omegle connects you to a random stranger, and when one of you disconnects that's it, conversation over. So could I win over some people to the library cause..? The results are below - I have to say, at first it seemed too easy! Random Strangers love libraries, apparently. :) Attempt 1: already loves libraries...

Omegle chat

Attempt 2: I end up asking him more questions than he asked me...


Omegle chat

Attempt 3: FINE DODGER!

Omegle chat 3

Attempt 4: thewikiman fails to excite conversational partner

Omegle chat

Attempts 5 and 6: surely SOME people don't like libraries? Otherwise how come we're in such crisis?


Omegle chat 5

Omegle chat 6

Attempt 7: It's a tough sell, but someone has to step up to the plate. Censored for your own protection, he really was a filthy little man (or woman)

Omegle chat 7

Attempt 8: finally, a conversion! This makes it all worthwhile...


Omegle conversion...


- thewikiman