future of information professionals

Librarians before, librarians now, librarians next

Here is a prezi I just made - it'll take you literally 2 minutes to go through it. Works best on Full Screen mode.

There's nothing really new in the presentation above - it just illustrates a little epiphany I had about The Gate. I've been thinking the role of the librarian as gatekeeper is completely dead - but it hasn't occurred to me till today that in effect we'll be manning (and womanning) the other side of the gate. The gate used to have a certain status, a certain gravitas to it - we, the librarian, hold the key to knowledge; come to us and we will let you through (probably). Now the gate is open and people can go through as they please to a large extent - no need to apply to us for permission to enter, just help yourself online. But in future as information perpetuates to such an extent that the diamonds are almost impossible to find in the avalanche of rough, perhaps the old gate will be dusted off and rehung on its hinges. And this time we librarians will be trying to hold back the flood of information, and just letting the legitimate and valued resources leak through to the people on the other side of the gate.



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