The Echo Chamber, Live!

Of all the things I've been involved with, it's the Echo Chamber thing that I get most excited about - it's a real problem, but one that we can all help solve, and one that people really do seem to be engaging with, on both sides of the Atlantic, since we first started tweeting and writing about it. Woodsiegirl and I will be doing various evolving versions of our Echo Chamber presentation in the coming months. It would be absolutely fantastic to see as many of you as possible at City Business Library in London, November 24th, at an SLA Europe event organised around the #echolib theme. It's an evening kick-off so people can come after work, and we've managed to rope in some of the Voices for the Library people (JoBo and Bethan) to talk about their actual echo chamber escapes, so it's going to be fantastic. Full details are on the SLA Europe blog. The ideas and feedback from the audience will be written in to the Echo Chamber Prezi, which serves as a living archive on the subject, updated and added to every time we present.

I've put together a slide deck to act as a brief introduction to the Echo Chamber problem. If you'd like a brief outline of what it is and why it matters, have a look below. The final slide also gives details of the other Echo Chamber Live events we have coming up. (As ever, I'm more or less incapable of putting anything together that looks good small, so full-screen is best.)

For a more comprehensive round-up of the Echo Chamber phenomenon, see the Echolib Netvibes page.

- thewikiman