How can I get this presentation seen outside the Echo Chamber? (Or: If you want to work in libraries, here are 10 things you need to know...)

I've created a presentation which takes some of the essential careers advice for new professionals post, and re-contextualises it as: here is what you need to know if you want to work in libraries.

The idea is that it will serve four purposes.

1. It'll be of interest to existing and new professionals, maybe create some debate or heighten awareness of certain issues 2. It'll entice more dynamic peoeple into considering librarianship as a profession, by righting  a few misconceptions 3. It'll put off some of the meeker people who may labour under misapprehensions as to what librarianship is really like (I'm very happy with this ambition - we have too many over qualified pros as it is, so why not head people off before they waste time and money in a profession that isn't like they thought it would be?) 4. In the course of 2 and 3 it may increase awareness as to what Information Professionals do these days

I've deliberately tried to make the most aesthetically pleasing presentation I'm capable of, in order to increase the chances of people picking it up! And make it very concise, too. For numbers 2, 3 and 4 to really be achieved, I need this presentation to go way beyond the reach of this blog and my twitter account. With that in mind, if you know of anywhere that could display this presentation, or link to it, please let me know! Anywhere at all. I want ideas as to how to get this beyond the echo chamber, I'd love to see some in the comments... And also, if you'd like to embed it in any sites or blog of your own, please please feel free to do so - the code to embed it is available from the Slideshare page. I'd really love to see it in as many places as possible. :)

- thewikiman