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Australia! I am in you in April, running some marketing workshops...

Phil Bradley always said you could travel the world on a library degree, and that seems to be coming truer and truer. 

In April I'm running some workshops on marketing libraries, in Australia. If this is a side of the information profession you're interested in, I'd love to see you there! The dates and cities are:

  • April 20th: Melbourne
  • April 22nd: Sydney
  • April 24th: Brisbane

The training company who've asked me over to do these has put together a pretty comprehensive brochure detailing what we'll cover. You can see more info as well as booking details over on the PiCS site, and I've embedded the leaflet below.

This Thursday (free) WebJunction Seminar on Marketing Libraries

Just a quick heads-up that on the 29th of August, I'm running a webinar for WebJunction and my hope is it'll have a lot of useful information for anyone interested in marketing their library successfully. Details below - click the pic to go the website where you can sign up. Places are limited to 1500 and believe it or not we've already got 1300 people registered, so hurry!

I'm really looking forward to this - I've been doing a LOT of stuff around marketing with new tech / social media recently, and even though that's my favourite area, it's nice to get back to some marketing basics with this webinar. It's about marketing principles and marketing actions - as always I try and keep it jargon free and low on waffle / high on things to actually DO when you leave. The focus here is on what the traditionally not-for-profit library can learn from the big businesses (there's plenty); I'll be referencing Apple, Honda, Hellman's Mayo (of course...). I'll also be covering word of mouth marketing, strategy, a bit of websites and social media, and bringing your team along with you in your marketing efforts - here's a sneak peak at a slide on that subject:

So if you think this sounds like it may be useful to you, go to the WebJunction site and click the button to register.

I've always found Web Junction materials really useful - particularly when writing my book - so I'm excited about doing something with them, particularly something that anyone with an internet connection can come along to. Hope to see some of you there.

The Library Marketing Toolkit is OUT NOW! Here's what's in it

The book I spent 2011 writing is finally out! Facet Publishing have printed and released the Library Marketing Toolkit and the pre-orders have been sent. There are details of what the book contains, and who writes its 27 case studies, on, but as you'll know if you've read this blog before I really like slide-presentations as a way of getting info across in a non-boring way; with that in mind, here's what you can expect from the book. Chapters, themes covered, case studies, etc.

Still too early for full reviews, but some pre-prints were sent out and have been getting some good feedback:

‘Ned Potter's  book will help any library succeed in creating a community that is aware and engaged in its library. He has written an easy to follow tool kit targeted at the specific marketing needs of librarians that is sure to become a favourite resource for anyone involved in marketing a library. There are case studies from libraries around the world that will inspire you no matter whether your library is large or small. You'll love this book!’ - NANCY DOWD, AUTHOR OF 'BITE-SIZED MARKETING'

[The Toolkit] is brilliant and  a great addition to the library professional discourse.’ – ANDY WOODWORTH

'The Library Marketing Toolkit is packed full of useful, informative and above all practical information about the best ways of getting your message across, and it should be on the shelf of every librarian and information professional who needs to promote the idea of the library and its value in a modern day society.' – PHIL BRADLEY, CILIP PRESIDENT

You can click here to buy in the US, via, or if you're in Canada you can click to buy via or finally in the UK you can click here to order via Amazon UK - or just get it straight from the publisher.

It's finally done!

- Ned