Twitter for Researchers guide

At my institution we're really stepping up our support for researchers, and I've been doing a lot of stuff around the Web 2.0 end of the spectrum. I'm running a suit of workshops called Becoming a Networked Researcher, and I've been into departments to give taster presentations like this one:

We've also finally completed a guide to using Twitter for Researchers. It's more a Twitter for Researchers actually, rather than the process of academic research itself (although that is possible). I've hosted it on Scribd in order to embed it on our web pages, and it got picked up and featured on Scribd's homepage so that helped boost the number of views it has had, which is huge, relatively speaking - around three-and-a-half-thousand. Plenty of those have been from York researchers, which is great - they've given us a lot of positive feedback and ReTweets.

The guide took a surprisingly long time to do - the difference between knowing stuff and actually writing an ideal version of it down in a document never ceases to disappoint me... Adding examples took a while too. I couldn't decide between very brief of very comprehensive - in the end I decided somewhere between the two, keeping it as short as possible but including a LOT of information. The idea is, if they want more, they can come to the Twitter workshop as part of the Becoming a Networked Researcher suite.

Anyhow, here it is - feel free to use stuff from it, with attribution:

Twitter for research by University of York Information

There'll be some more University of York Library stuff on the blog shortly, around Digital Literacy, videos etc!

- thewikiman